Zachary Walter is an American musician and film composer with a career in music spanning 2 decades. To date he has scored 5 short films and 1 award-winning major motion picture, as well as independently released an album and an EP.  Recently he has worked with New York based production company Pigasus Pictures to produce an award-winning feature film, ‘The Good Catholic’, and a short film titled ‘At Me or With Me’. Other films include ‘Belle’ (Produced and Directed by Stephen Ruminski), ‘Snap’ (Written and Directed by Rebbeca Elena Banks), ‘Earth and Body’ (Produced and Directed by Aaron Marshall), and ‘Velcro/MFK’ (Filmed and Directed by Hidden Hand Films). In 2017 Pigasus Pictures’s film ‘The Good Catholic’, staring Zack Spicer, Wren Schmidt, Danny Glover, and John C. McGinley, debuted at The Santa Barbra Film Festival where it was honored the Panavision Spirit Award for best American Independent Film.  Zachary continues to pursue his passion in composing music for film as well as releasing his own albums.

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